"...I Am Proud Of My New Website..."

Teresa Rebo is a marvel…that rare combination of artistic taste and imagination, technical skill, and joy and pride in what she does.

I am a composer with long experience, many works completed, and much complexity involved.  As “professional artist,” I must also fulfill the “professional” part of this, which creates small-business challenges on top of artistic ones.  Add the fact that music has a language all its own, and a website for me involves both listing and selling my CDs and scores and presenting me as an interesting person. 

One can see what a challenge my Website demands faced Teresa Rebo with when we first went to work.  And oh yes, Teresa lives in and works from a little town in the state of Washington.  I live in New York City.  Not to worry.  Teresa Rebo has been clear and thoroughly pleasant both on the telephone and via email. 

I am proud of my new Website and feel it will make a lot of difference in my dealings with whomever might want to get to know me and my work.  And the marvelous Ms. Rebo is affordable."

Carman Moore, Composer, Conductor, Author, Educator, 2013 Guggenheim Fellowship Recipient